Bold denotes Terry Lab member (postdoc*, graduate student**, undergraduate***)

~ 2021 ~

  • Taylor, D.S.**, E. DeJesus***, M. Novak, and R.C. TerryIn press. The effects of formalin fixation and fluid storage on stable isotopes in rodent hair. Journal of Mammalogy.

  • Terry, R.C., E.B. Davis, and M.M. Emery-Wetherell. In Review. Chapter 13 - Small Mammal Paleontology of the Paisley Caves. Chapter in review for upcoming book on the Paisley Caves, D.L. Jenkins, ed. University of Utah Press.

~ 2020 ~

~ 2018 ~

~ 2017 ~

  • Badgley, C., T.M. Smiley*R.C. Terry (+14 alphabetical co-authors after Terry). 2017. Biodiversity and topographic complexity: modern and geo historical perspectivesTrends in Ecology and Evolution 32(3): 211-226. (Cover article).

  • Smiley, T.M.* and R.C. Terry. 2017. Paleoecology: MethodsThe Encyclopedia of Life Sciences. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Chichester.

~ 2016 ~

~ 2015 ~

  • Terry, R.C. and R.J. Rowe. 2015. Energy flow and functional compensation in Great Basin small mammals under natural and anthropogenic environmental change. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 112: 9656-9661.

      (Paper highlighted by multiple news media outlets (ScienceNews, NatureNews, NPR's Science Friday), and

      highlighted by a commentary in PNAS written by J. Betancourt).

~ 2014 ~

~ Prior to OSU ~

  • Terry, R.C. 2009. Paleoecology: Methods. The Encyclopedia of Life Sciences. John Wiley and Sons, Ltd.  Chichester. doi: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0003274

  • Kowalewski, M., et al., (13 authors in alphabetical order including R.C. Terry). 2003. Quantitative fidelity of brachiopod-mollusk assemblages from modern subtidal environments of the San Juan Islands, USA.  Journal of Taphonomy 1:43-65.