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Quality science education is critical to the development of thoughtful and responsible citizens in all walks of life.  Our goals as educators in the Terry Lab are to promote the excitement of discovery among our students while developing skills for collaboration, problem solving, synthesis, and communication.  This requires creatively weaving together lectures, small group work, inquiry-based hands-on assignments, field experience, assessment, and one-on-one support when needed.  In addition, we are committed to involving students and the broader community in research, providing opportunities for direct field and laboratory experience.

Current Courses Taught by Rebecca:


Paleobiology (BI 427/527)

We engage in a process-based study of the marine and terrestrial fossil record, exploring preservation, macroevolution, extinction, biomechanics, paleoecology, and climate change.  Includes lecture, lab, and a field trip.  Offered every spring.


Biogeography (BI 481/581)

We focus on abiotic (geological, climatological) and biotic (ecological, evolutionary) factors that govern the distribution of diversity, emphasizing assembly of communities, global change, and conservation in today’s rapidly changing world. Includes lecture, computer-based activities, and discussion. Offered every other winter (odd years).


Ecology (BI 370)

An introduction to the scientific study of Ecology. Topics include the distribution of biodiversity across the globe, interactions between species and the climate system, processes regulating population growth, how species interact with one another, the impact of species extinctions and invasions on ecosystem services and function, and the varied and profound impacts of humans on ecological systems. Large lecture format. Taught every other fall (odd years).

Courses often TA-ed by Terry Lab members:

  • BI 10X: Introductory Biology series for non-majors

  • BI 22X: Introductory Biology series for majors

  • BI 23X and 34X: Anatomy and Physiology courses

  • Z 372: Vertebrate Biology Lab

  • Z 422/522: Comparative/Functional Vertebrate Anatomy Lab

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