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Engagement with the community is a priority in the Terry Lab - not only is it fun and rewarding, it is essential to changing the perception of who is a scientist and sparking the interest and participation of people of all ages via opportunities for direct hands-on experience. See below to learn about the types of outreach we do.

Owls, hawks, eagles, and falcons regurgitate pellets (hairballs) packed with the bones, claws, and teeth of their small mammal meals.  We are collaborating with elementary age kids (a.k.a. partner scientists) across Oregon via OSU's SMILE program to pick apart pellets as part of our PelletMap Project.  Our partner scientists get to learn about terrestrial ecology, bones, and document what species are found where, while we get to use the specimens and data contained in the pellets in our research!

In collaboration with Rebecca Rowe (University of New Hampshire) and Rebecca Menlove (Natural History Museum of Utah), we helped create a multimedia museum exhibit linking climate change, land use, altered habitat conditions, food availability, competition, and range shifts over time in the Great Basin.  Next time you’re in Salt Lake City, go check it out!  Or click the link above for a virtual peek.


Community Engagement

In an effort to engage the greater community with our research and to promote scientific education, conservation and engagement, we have partnered with: Oregon State University's Discovery Days, the Integrative Biology Department's Open House, the Academy for Life-Long Learning in Corvallis, the Benton County Public Library, the Fish, Wildlife, & Conservation Sciences Department's Wild About Wildlife program, as well as schools around Oregon. There is never a dull moment!

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