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We, the members of the Terry lab, are committed to fostering an open and inclusive environment built on trust in which to learn, share, work, and grow together.  We celebrate the diversity we represent - recognizing that our different experiences, perspectives, talents, and knowledge, inspire each of us to grow as people, which in turn leads to better science and stronger community.  We recognize the value of cultivating life outside the lab, creating space in which people can be their bona fide selves, the challenge of balancing work and life, and the importance of each lab member’s mental health.  Together, we are more than the sum of our individual parts, and when we elevate others, we all rise.  We commit to treating others with dignity and respect at all times, in person, online, in the lab, outside the lab, and in the far-flung places - the deserts and high alpine ridges - where we can be found learning about and reveling in the natural world.  We value honesty, curiosity, communication, and making space for every voice. 

We also acknowledge that our lab, and STEM in general, do not yet represent the diversity of society at large, nor do we fully understand the impacts of the history of our science on people and places.  We recognize that our science suffers from this lack of inclusivity and perspective, thus we are committed to increasing representation of historically marginalized groups in science, making fieldwork safe and accessible for all, and educating ourselves about the history of our science and the history that has shaped the places where, and collections with which, we work. 


To this end, we are engaged as a lab in the following ongoing activities:


    In our published works and presentations:

        1. Emphasizing the cultural history and significance of field and/or collection sites. 

        2. Acknowledging the colonial history of collections we use and places we work.


    In our lab:

        3. Recruiting and mentoring lab members at all stages from diverse backgrounds.


    Beyond our lab:

        4. Improving field safety and accessibility for all through the FieldSafe Initiative.

        5. Engaging youth from Oregon communities in science and the thrill of discovery through our PelletMap Project. 

        6. Challenging perceptions of what a scientist looks like in our courses and outreach.

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